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Great Things at UDM

Great Things at the School of Law

Law Firm Program

The School of Law offers specialty courses in the School’s Law Firm Program including:

  • Advising Entrepreneurs in New Business Start-ups
  • Anatomy of a Business Transaction
  • Children and the Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Family Law
  • Franchising
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Pre-trial Criminal Advocacy
  • Small Firm Practice

Law Clinics Address Community Legal Needs

The UDM School of Law provides legal outreach services to approximately 2,100 clients through the following community clinics:

  • Veterans’ Appellate Clinic—State Appellate Defenders' Office
  • Criminal Trial Clinic
  • Immigration Law
  • Juvenile Law Appellate Clinic
  • Mediation Training and Clinic
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Clinic
  • Veterans' Appellate Clinic
  • Urban Law Clinic
  • Veterans' Law

The clinics are now housed in the George J. Asher Law Clinic Center in the Water Buhl Ford III Hall, a beautifully renovated historic firehouse adjacent to Dowling Hall on UDM's Riverfront Campus.

Joint Degrees

Joint Degrees provide a legal education with opportunities to earn multiple law degrees from law schools in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Focused on understanding the intersection of legal systems in today’s global marketplace, the program includes options to earn one of four joint or multiple degrees in a condensed time frame:

  • Globally Enriched J.D. Degree
  • Canadian & American Dual J.D.
    Joint comparative law degree program in the United States and Canada
  • J.D./L.E.D. Degree
    Joint degree program in the United States and Mexico
  • Dual J.D./L.E.D. Degree
    Multiple degree program in the United States, Mexico and Canada

Professors of Practice

Senior attorneys bring their years of legal experience into the classroom at UDM School of Law, teaching courses such as Corporate Governance in an age of Bailouts, Health Law, Commercial Law: Lender Liability.

Applied Legal Theory & Analysis

Our nationally recognized legal writing program helps student do more than take tests and fill bluebooks; it trains UDM law students to resolve problems, and to communicate these solutions in outstanding and well reasoned analysis, presented clearly and concisely.

Dean’s Advisory Board

The Dean's Advisory Board includes lawyers, judges, and other actively involved in the legal profession from across the country who advises the School about how best to prepare UDM law graduates, keeping UDM School of Law current with the changing demands of the profession.

UDM Law Alumni

A loyal and highly regarded community of UDM Law alumni live and work throughout the U.S. and beyond, many of whom make themselves available to visit with current students at a Lunch With a Lawyer, a Preparing to Practice session, and more.

Moot Court Program

Our award-winning Moot Court program takes UDM law students to competitions across the country as they argue legal issues in environmental, international, constitutional, asylum, criminal, IP and IT law each year.

Mobile Law Office

UDM School of Law is the only school in the nation to have a mobile law office that travels Michigan and the nation assisting veterans through Project SALUTE, our Veteran's Clinic.

Law Review Symposia

The Law Review at UDM School of Law has brought accomplished practitioners and legal academics to the School of Law to speak on a variety of timely legal topics. The 2013 Law Review Symposium, entitled Global Michigan: Immigration and Economic Growth, featured Governor Rick Synder as its keynote speaker and also included leading legal academics and policy makers from throughout the United States and Canada. Prior symposia have focused on intellectual property law, the jurisprudence of Justice Clarence Thomas, and Michigan's no-fault insurance scheme. This year's symposium will focus on urban agriculture.

Engaged Law Faculty

The faculty members at the School of Law make presentations throughout the country, and their scholarship is published in a wide variety of journals throughout the United States. For example, in Fall 2013, Professor Peggy Costello spoke at the University of Iowa School of Law at a symposium that also featured professors from the law schools at Harvard University, University of Michigan, and Washington University in St. Louis. In Summer 2013, Professor Cara Cunningham organized a highly successful conference (hosted by UDM School of Law) on Law and Education in the Americas: Comparative Perspectives. Recent faculty scholarship has appeared in or is forthcoming in a variety of journals, including the Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy; the Washington & Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice; the Clinical Law Review and others.