Detroit Mercy Crowdfunding

Apply for a page on Impact

Following is the project application for, the official crowdfunding platform for University of Detroit Mercy. Working within this platform will ensure all gifts are deposited in a timely manner, the correct gift information is captured by Detroit Mercy and donors receive proper and timely acknowledgement for their contributions. 

Please consider these questions and key recommendations for success while completing the form below:

  • Does your project have a clear, compelling story that project volunteers can share via their personal networks?
  • Do your project volunteers have strong personal networks without significant overlap? 
  • Can you ensure that project volunteers are regularly reaching out to their networks for the duration of the campaign?
  • Recommended size of volunteer team: 5-10 active members (will vary by project goal and size of personal networks)
  • Recommended fundraising goal range: $1,000-$15,000 
  • Recommended project time frame: 4-6 week prep, 30-45 days live 
  • Recommended volunteer updates during life of project: 4-8 

Setting up your page


    Image Sizes

    All images should be sized at a web-friendly 72dpi.


    • Project Title Image: 300px wide and 170px high
    • Main Image: 606px wide and 343px high
    • Inside content: not to exceed 600px wide


    • Expect to include a video via YouTube or Vimeo Share Link

Apply for crowdfunding

To submit your application for crowdfunding at Detroit Mercy, please click the Fill out the form below. If you have any questions, email